Business Formation & Dissolution

At formation, help entrepreneurs to maximize tax benefits, structure business, and work out exit plans

At dissolution, help business owners to minimize negative tax consequences and maximize gains from business

Business Dispute Litigation

work with businesses with debt collections and contract disputes.

Contract Negotiation & Drafting

purchase and sale of business contracts

purchase and sale of real estate contracts (condos, coops, single-family house, multiple-family house)

Estate and Trust

work with wealthy individuals and families with tax planning to legitimately avoid estate tax, gift tax and income tax


Asylum, alien criminal defense

500,000 USD EB-5 Investment

H1-B and other non-immigrant visa

Mergers & Acquisitions

due diligence, tax planning, contract negotiation 

Private Equity

formation of private equities

formation of EB-5 investment centers


Resolve tax disputes with Internal Revenue Service, New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, sales tax disputes, real property tax reduction

Real Property Broker Service

As professional, we help you buy and sell real properties in New York City and Long Island area.

1.      A prospective homebuyer must meet the broker or an employee and show identification before receiving services from the broker;

2.      A prospective homebuyer must enter an exclusive broker agreement with the broker before receiving services from the broker;

3.      A prospective homebuyer is not required to bring a pre-approval for a mortgage.